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    Mila’s Birth Story: Part One

    Every single time I go to write this post, Mila wakes up from her nap. It doesn’t matter if she’s been asleep 5 minutes or 5 hours, she senses this post…

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    38 1/2 week bumpdate

    How Far Along: 38 weeks (almost 39!) Size Of Baby: 6 pounds at our last appointment, we have one Wednesday so I’m anxious to see how much she’s grown!  Maternity Clothes: None. Wearing hubby’s tees…

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    37 weeks

    How Far Along: 37 weeks (almost 38!) Size Of Baby: 6 pounds! Im hoping she’s right at 7 when she’s born. Maternity Clothes: None. Just making what I have work since there is so…

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    The Past Weekend

    For the first time in what seems like over a year, Germany had amazing weather early this weekend. It was in the 70’s, sunny, and gorgeous outside. We headed to a…

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    36 Weeks!

    How Far Along: 36 Weeks. Less than a month left! Size Of Baby: Almost 6 pounds  Maternity Clothes: Down to the last handful of shirts that will fit and leggings. Luckily its finally warming…