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    Happy Veterans Day!!

    Mila is rocking her Wounded Warriors headband today.We are thankful for our freedom and for all those out there serving right now and in the past! …

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    Halloween fails and a win.

    Germany has only been celebrating Halloween for the past few years. Nuts right?! And they don’t do Thanksgiving either. But I’m pretty sure it’s because they go all out for Christmas.…

  • military travel

    Europa Park

    We have been missing theme parks like k-razy.  Europa Park is only 2.5 hours away so we finalllly woke up and just had to go there.  It is the biggest theme…

  • military travel

    Do I like living in Germany?

    I get asked this question ALOT and I never know how to answer. Obviously its gorgeous here. Like ridiculously gorgeous and so full of history everywhere we go. I just started…