Simply Delicious Breakfast You can Grab and Go


Every morning seems like a crazy busy morning. Whether you’re running around getting the kids ready for the day, racing to get work done before everyone wakes up, or even trying to sneak in a few more minutes of relaxation before the chaos begins, the last thing on your mind is probably eating breakfast yourself. Breakfast is one thing I always slack on. I pour myself a huge mug of coffee and get the rest of the family fed, and before I know it it’s lunchtime and I’m starving. This year, this is coming to an end, with the help of Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles®.

This is the year I will start my day off on the right foot, with a delicious and easy breakfast option that fits right in with hectic life. Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles® are made with 2 real eggs, cheese, sausage and/or bacon. I love that I can just grab one and go on my way to the gym, while I’m in the car, or to enjoy at home with my morning cup of coffee. With 22/23g of protein, low carbs, and a meal that is made in seconds, I bet this is something my busy husband will be enjoying on his way to work as well!

You can find Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles® at your local Walmart store. They come in three flavors: Jimmy Dean Meat Lovers Simple Scrambles®, Jimmy Dean Sausage Simple Scrambles®, and Jimmy Dean Bacon Simple Scrambles®. I found them in the refrigerated aisle on the top shelf. Do you struggle finding time and remembering to eat breakfast as well? Which Jimmy Dean Simple Scramble® would you want to try first?

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    January 29, 2018 at 8:07 am

    I’m usually not a breakfast person (probably because I hate cooking), so I am drawn to convenient on-the-go meals like this!

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