5 Steps for a More Relaxing Shower


You know how once you become a mom, taking hot interrupted showers becomes a luxury? I literally plan out my showers around how much time I’ll have, to make sure I can just relax and enjoy them. With that said, finding the right products is important to me. Even before I was a mom, I always felt way too busy to stop and take a bath, so if you’re feeling the same way then these 5 steps to a more relaxing shower are for you!

Music. Grab your Spotify and put on whatever you’re in the mood for. Some days I want music that will get me pumped to take on the day, others I need something much more relaxing to chill me out. This totally sets the tone and helps you tune out anything else going on in your life.

Dry Brush. I just started dry brushing a few months ago and I love it. It can help remove dead skin cells resulting in smoother and brighter skin! It can also help with circulation, lymphatic drainage, and skin cell renewal. There’s no better time to exfoliate than right before you hop into the shower.

Find your favorite beauty products. I personally love products that are more natural. I recently started using products from Everyone™, made by EO Products. They are big in the natural and organic markets and I don’t know why it took me so long to start using them! I just added their haircare line to my routine as they are made with gentle cleansers derived from sugar, moisturizing organic oils, and refreshing essential oils. You are not only getting hair that is more balanced and nourished naturally, but the aromatherapeutic essential oils can add to your relaxing shower routine. I love that they are family friendly so I can use them on my toddler, and since they are scented with essential oils my husband loves to use them too!

Aromatherapy. Since I started using Everyone™ products, I have been able to stop using essential oils in the shower as they contain 100% pure essential oils. But one thing I love doing is to hang a bundle of eucalyptus to my shower head. The steam helps release beneficial oils and not to mention it all smells amazing.

Body Oil. I never ever ever skip this step. You just took a hot shower, might have dry brushed, and your skin needs hydration. I grab my tub of virgin unrefined coconut oil and slather it everywhere before drying off. I do it on wet skin as its much less messy and I feel like my skin can really absorb it versus when its dry.

You can find Everyone™ products at your local Walmart store in the natural beauty products aisle. I love how affordable they are, so you don’t have to break the bank when buying a product that is more natural! Perfect for those of you who may want to take the first step to a more natural lifestyle, or those of you who just want an affordable and amazing hair care product for your family.

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