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New Favorite Snack: Liberté Organic Yogurt


You guys, this month has been nuts. We had our first major hurricane since I was in high school and it’s a thousand times more nerve-wracking when you have children. We were lucky enough that it dropped down to a category 3 before it hit us and our home had no damage. But being on a city-wide curfew for 48 hours, and also being stuck inside with a 4 year old because of the strong winds, is no easy feat. To top it all off, our grocery stores have not received food shipments in over a week so we haven’t been able to find anything in the cold/freezer section in 8 days. No eggs. No meat. No produce. And worst of all, no dairy. Luckily, our Publix got in a shipment this morning and I literally jumped for joy through the aisles.

The first thing on my list was yogurt, because my family goes through tons of it each week. My husband and I love it for the extra protein and my 4 year old will go through an entire box before I even get to the checkout line. Our new favorite yogurt is Liberté Organic Whole Milk yogurt. I was so excited to see they now contain organic and natural ingredients. My favorite flavors are the Ecuadorian Mango and Philippine Coconut. My family likes yogurt that is on the thicker, creamier side and Liberté is delicious!

Next time I am excited to try the Nicaraguan Coffee Bean and French Lavender flavors. You can find all of the exciting flavors of Liberté Organic Whole Milk Yogurt at your local Publix store. No more compromising taste for natural wholesome ingredients! What flavor are you most interested in trying?

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