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20 Family Bonding Activities To Do Before the End of Summer

I think every parent can agree, that having kids during the back-to-school season is stressful. This summer we have been making it our goal to slow down a bit and just enjoy each other’s company as much as possible. The school years seem to make time fly by quickly, so getting in those “smile-worthy” moments are a must. Whether it’s going on a weekend trip or staying home and watching a movie together, those special bonding moment are so important to me. Here are just a few of our favorite activities to do as a family…

  1. Go on a nature walk
  2. Have a picnic
  3. Build a blanket fort
  4. Squirt gun painting
  5. Board game night
  6. Movie dress up night (dress up like your favorite characters from the movie and act like them all night)
  7. Trip to the zoo
  8. Make your own pizza night
  9. Bring your mattresses in to the living room and have a sleepover movie night
  10. Go to an aquarium
  11. Around the world dinner theme
  12. Go to the dollar store and pick out one gift for each person in the family
  13. Camp at home indoors
  14. Have a family cookout
  15. Water balloon fight
  16. Play mini golf
  17. Do a family art project
  18. Wash the cars and/or bikes together
  19. Play hide and seek in the house
  20. Have a scavenger hunt

One of my family’s favorite things to do together is go on a nature walk outside. We head to our favorite park, grab some drinks and snacks, and walk around looking for wildlife. Sometimes I’ll print out a quick nature scavenger hunt and we will go around seeing who can find the most items. I look forward to creating these smile-worthy moments and slowing down a little together as a family.

One of our favorite snacks to bring along on our nature walks are Goldfish® crackers. I love how easy they are to grab and go, and that they don’t contain any artificial flavors or preservatives. The colors are even sourced from plants. Goldfish® crackers are a snack that you can feel good about serving your kids.

Be sure to check out Goldfish on Pinterest and Youtube, for more ideas and inspiration on how to create those “smile-worthy” moments with your family. #GoldfishMoments

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