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How to Trim and Shape Your Beard like a Beard Boss

I am interrupting my usual parenting topics today, to discuss something very near and dear to me. Beards. They’re all around us, and luckily for me, my hunk of a husband has been sporting one for the last year now. But not all beards are created equal. You want it to be shaped and groomed, and even the best beards require a bit of work. Which is why I’m sharing with you some quick and easy tips from my husband, on how to trim and shape your beards like a beard boss.

  • Grab your grooming tools. You will need a trimmer and comb or beard brush. We love the Remington Beard Boss Stubble and Detail Kit, The Perfecter. The powerhouse lithium battery lasts for 5 hours, so you can have months of trimming between charges. It also has a premium T-Blade and precision metal comb for crisp, clean edges. For those of you with thicker beards, it even has turbo mode for a power boost when trimming through coarse hairs. You can find the Remington Beard Boss Perfect Stubble and Detail Kit at your local Walmart stores, and on

  • Start with a clean beard. You would never skip washing your hair in the shower, so why skip washing your beard?! Give it a good scrub and pat dry. You want your hair hydrated which will make it easier to cut. For those of you with longer beards, you can even use the blow dryer to help you dry and smooth it out.
  • Comb or brush your mustache and beard, all the way down to your neck line in one single direction. You want all hairs to lay in the same direction to make it easier to shape and trim.

  • Grab your trimmer. Now you can either find the clip for your desired length and trim it all evenly to one length, or if you are like my husband and trying to grow it out, remove the guide and in a downward motion you can trim any stray or crazy hairs. If you want to go the route of trimming it all, start with the longest guard setting and work your way down until you find the length you want to achieve and go from there.
  • If you have a mustache, ensure it is still combed down, and that it isn’t going past your top lip line. If it is, you can grab your trimmer with no guard, and follow that top curve of your lip while trimming.
  • Now it’s time to trim and shape your sideburns and cheek area.  You want your sideburns to blend nicely into your hairline. This can take some getting used to, but after a few times trimming and shaping, you will get the hang of it. Then follow the shape of your cheek line and trim any unruly hair for a cleaner look.

  • Next up is the neckline. You want a clean shave on this part, so I recommend using a foil trimmer attachment at the end to get a closer shave. Your line should extend down from the natural curve of your ear and just follow through to the other side.

  • Finally, once you have the shape you want, grab your beard oil and massage it in. Ensure you are not only putting it onto the hair but deep down onto your skin as well. Give it a good massage to help with beard growth, keep your hair moisturized, and oil also helps train your beard to keep it’s shape.

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group®  & Remington  but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #RemBeardBoss

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