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How To Buy Stylish Clothes on a Tight Budget with thredUP

I used to love shopping for clothes for myself. Working in retail, I would spend most of my paycheck on the newest and most stylish clothes and not give it a second thought. Then I had Mila and all of that ended. I could walk into a store and drop a hundred dollars on clothes for her and feel excited, but spending ANY money on myself was immediate guilt. There are probably lots of parents that feel the same way, and luckily I have found a solution to this problem: thredUP.

Fashion Post with thredUP

I kept seeing thredUP being mentioned online and never really understood what it was. Now that I have finally tried it out, I am upset that it took me so long. Seriously, you guys. This top only cost me 4.99 and it looked brand new. thredUP is all about buying #secondhandfirst, and at these prices and the quality I received, so am I. I bought Mila a Disney Sofia the First dress for only 6.99 and I saw the same dress at the Disney Store yesterday for 35.00. I am a little addicted to searching their site daily for new Disney dresses and costumes for her, and new clothing for me.


All of the money I saved totally took away that shopping guilt for me, that always happened when buying clothing for myself. All of us mamas deserve to be spoiled every now and then for the hard work we do, and now we don’t have to feel bad about it! My goal was to stay right around 50$ and here is the breakdown of what I saved:


Still not convinced? For a limited time you can use the code WOW40 and get 40% off your first order. If you click through this link, you get an additional 10$ just for signing up! Not interested in buying clothes? thredUP will even send you a prepaid box for you to fill with all of your gently used clothing and accessories, and pay you for your items. All from the luxury of your home. There have been 14,009,055 items upcycled through thredUP so far. Every Clean Out Bag sent to thredUP keeps 206lbs of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, saves 17,916 gallons of water, and keeps 24 items out of landfills. I will be cleaning out my closet this week and I am excited that I could make some money back to update my wardrobe.

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