How to Use StumbleUpon to Gain Traffic On Your Blog

I’m interrupting your regularly scheduled parenting post, to share some tips and tricks I have found useful with StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon is not a new form of post sharing as it has been around a few years, and it is right up there with Pinterest as far as being able to get your posts out there. How it works: when people sign up, they can add interests to their profile, and then posts labeled with those same interests, will be randomly displayed on their feed. After getting over 1,000 page views in a few hours with a single post on Stumbleupon, I have had lots of questions asked on how to get started. Here is exactly what I do, step by step, and if you follow this, you should have no issues gaining traction when using this form of post sharing.

How to use Stumbleupon to drive traffic to your posts

  1. Sign up. Create a profile that would make people want to follow and connect with you. Use a profile image that you use on all of your other social media feeds, that way people can associate it with you and your blog. Also use lots of keywords on your profile so that other stumblers can find you easier.
  2. Install the StumbleUpon toolbar. It makes it so much easier to “stumble” your posts and posts from other bloggers that you enjoy.
  3. DO NOT just stumble your own posts. This will turn people off from following you. Always stumble more posts from other people, than your own posts. You don’t want to seem spammy.
  4. Only post content that will resonate with large groups of people. For example, at first I was stumbling every post I had on my blog and I was getting no where. Not everyone will care about a post about my child repping a shirt from a clothing company, but a large number of people will want to see my DIY Father’s Day finger paint project, because it is something they can use themselves.
  5. Which brings me to the idea, that you should only be promoting your BEST content. When people view your profile/posts, you want everything to be 100% your best of the best work. There are millions of posts on Stumbleupon. Yours need to be totally on point, and ready to stand out against the rest of the posts.
  6. The most popular posts on StumbleUpon include either tuturials, imagery, videos, or infographics. Take advantage of that. Use bright, clear, large photos in your posts. These help your posts stand out more and will pull people in. People like posts with photos, its a fact. I always try to use at least 1-3 photos in each post. Create stunning graphics. Stand out from the rest!
  7. Keywords. Just like everything else on the internet, keywords matter, BIG TIME. Help people find your posts. It will keep them coming back to your for more information on that same niche or topic.
  8. Add a StumbleUpon button to your blog. Make it easy for people to share that post on StumbleUpon with a click of a button.

Now that you know what to post and how to post it, it is time to get your work out there. Facebook groups are your best friend. Join groups that are specifically for promoting and getting engagement on your posts. These groups will have daily StumbleUpon threads where everyone comments with their post to be stumbled, and then everyone from that thread must stumble ALL of those posts. I personally do this on a handful of Facebook groups daily. The StumbleUpon toolbar comes in handy as you just click the persons post, and hit the Stumble toolbar ‘like’ button and thats it. It takes two seconds to stumble each post.

Hopefully this makes it a little less overwhelming to use StumbleUpon to gain some traffic. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below!

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