Sweet Summer Treats With Annie’s Organic Yogurt

Today’s post is sponsored by Annie’s Organic Yogurt, but my love for their yogurt is all my own! #Annies #ChooseGood

Summer is almost here! Well for us in Florida, it is summer year round, and we are always looking for ways to cool off. It was in the 90’s yesterday and it isn’t even June yet! Ice cream isn’t very kid friendly as it just melts as soon as you step outside, so our new obsession is popsicles. But against the pleading from my sugar loving toddler, I will not buy just any old store bought popsicles. I am one of those moms who reads every nutrition label and if the sugar content is too high, or if their are too many artificial ingredients, I won’t let my family eat it. Luckily, with Annie’s Homegrown, I never have to worry about that. We have been making these frozen yogurt popsicles with Annie’s Organic Yogurt, and I am pretty sure I will never buy popsicles at the store ever again.
Frozen Yogurt Popsicles with Annie's Organic Yogurt

They are so simple to make too! You just pour the yogurt into popsicle molds, and throw in whatever fruits you want along the way. We usually stick to strawberries, but sometimes we add granola, bananas, and blueberries too. I make them while I am cooking dinner, pop them in the freezer overnight, and we have popsicles ready to go for the next morning. My toddler thinks she is getting a treat by having popsicles for breakfast, but it is really a treat for me, as she is eating organic yogurt and organic fruits. #ChooseGood Annie’s Homegrown has two new flavors, just in time for summer: Berry Patch and Summer Strawberry. They are both delicious, and we have been making parfaits at snack time with them as well. The serving size is perfect for toddlers and kids of any age.

Frozen Yogurt Popsicles with Annie's Organic Yogurt
Frozen Yogurt Popsicles with Annie's Organic Yogurt

Annie’s Organic Yogurt is featured in Publix’s Extra Savings Mother’s Day Flyer. From now until May 27, 2016 You will be able to try Annie’s Yogurt for the sale price of 2 for $5.

Want to try out Annie’s new summer flavors for yourself? I am giving away $15 to one of you, so you can make these sweet summer treats at home. This giveaway will extend from now until May 27, 2016 at 12:00am. Please follow the Rafflecopter below to enter.

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Sweet Summer Treats With Annie's Organic Yogurt

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