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Mom Advice and a Mother’s Day Giveaway

Being a mom is hard. I remember a few days after having Mila, just sitting in my room crying. It felt like the world was on my shoulders, and that I was doing everything wrong. Being overseas and not having much help made it a lot worse, but I am sure all moms have had this moment at least once in their lives. I remember texting my mom and I told her how sorry I was for all of those times I put her through hell and for those times where I didn’t listen to her advice. Moms really are the best. They have been through it all. The dirty diapers, the late nights and early mornings, running on no sleep. The hardest yet most rewarding job in the world.

Mothers Day Advice with Reeds Jewelers

I recently asked a few mom friends of mine what the best advice is, that they ever received from their mothers. Here are their answers:

That if a boy doesn’t take your first date seriously, he won’t take the rest of the relationship seriously. I wish I would’ve listened to her! I laughed her off but thought about it on every first date I went on. She was always right. -Leandra

My Abuelita and Granny always said the same thing in different languages.
“Have patience my love, this to shall pass” – Allie

When my mom was sick with cancer in the hospital, every day she told everyone “no matter what happens today, remember to have the best day ever!” I love her and miss her so much. But I always live by that, and tell my son everyday to have the best day ever! -Sierra


No matter how your life turns out, make sure you can take care of yourself and your family. -Jenna

My mom always told me to be strong and independent. She said get as much education as possible and travel often. She said teach your children to love others and explore the world with them. -Sara

Always take your makeup off/wash your face before you go to bed (she has the BEST skin) -Misty

My mom’s best piece of advice to me is to slow down. Things will happen as they are meant to, and we don’t need to rush into life like we are late. -Olivia


Always wear clean underwear cause you never know if your in an accident and a doctor has to see them and never quit a job before having another one lined up. Obviously she taught me other things but those have actually come in handy. -Jessica

My mom taught me to be independent and to be kind, especially to animals. She taught me to use my instincts as my guide and that life will pass by quickly, so stop and smell the roses…as often as possible. -Amanda

This Mother’s Day, lets celebrate our mothers who have taught us everything we know.  Lets also celebrate ourselves as mothers, for making it this far! Reeds Jewelers wants to give one of you mamas a 250$ gift card!

Mother's Day Giveaway with Reeds Jewelers

I chose this amazing Marc Jacobs watch and gold shark’s tooth necklace from Reeds! What would you choose?

Mother's Day Giveaway with Reeds Jewelers


1. Upload your favorite photo of you and your mom or you and your child to Instagram.

2. Tell us what you love about your mom or motherhood.
Follow us, @REEDSJewelers and tag your photo #REEDSLovesMoms

3. One Grand Prize winner will receive a $250 REEDS Jewelers Gift Card

**You have until 5/16 and each photo counts as an entry! You can find out more here.

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