DIY Kid Safe Hair Color

When my daughter was born, we swore off the color pink. My husband and I just hated that color and wanted her to be a little tomboy and once she was old enough to make decisions for herself, all of that totally backfired. My child loves pink. Like LOVVESSSS pink. I know because she tells me 1,000 times a day and since she could put together full sentences she was asking me if she could have pink hair. So I gave her pink hair. Now I can totally say “I’m not like other moms, I’m a cool mom,” in case you didn’t already know.

Kid Safe Hair Color Pink


My secret to this? Kool Aid. Oh yeah. Lucky for you guys, I am going to share how we do this and you will obviously become the coolest mom ever. It works best on lighter hair, and it also seems to last a lot longer as well. Obviously the more often you wash it, the quicker it will wash out. But we wash my daughters hair twice a week and this lasts about 2 weeks for us!


Kid Safe Hair Color

Step 1: Squirt about 2 Tbs of conditioner into a bowl. (we use Shea Moisture brand but any will do)

Step 2: Add in two packets of unsweetened Kool Aid. (You can mix colors to get the shade that you want. I used one pack of strawberry and one pack of pink lemonade for this)

Step 3:  Mix until it completely combined.

Step 4: Add in 1 tsp of water and mix. You want it to be a paste so it is easy to combine. Add more water or conditioner if needed.

Step 5: You can put your kid in an old tshirt for this next step, or no shirt and wrap an old towel around them. Kool Aid stains so make sure it is something you won’t care about being ruined!

Step 6: Grab some gloves and your color brush. And put some conditioner around the hairline so you don’t stain the skin.

Step 7: Start from the roots and work your way towards the tips, adding the color mixture and working it through until the entire head is saturated. Stay away from the scalp as you don’t want to dye that.

Step 8: Once fully colored, wrap saran wrap around and let sit for a few hours if possible. My toddler doesn’t sit still long enough for this, so I do it an hour before bath time, and then let her take a bath for as long as she wants. (Usually 45 minutes)

Step 9: Rinse!  and enjoy!

Kid Safe Hair Color Pink


If you do this yourself, be sure to leave pictures in the comments below! I will add them to this post with your permission.

Kid Safe Hair Color


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