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“Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is.” -Mandy Hale

Hello friends! This link party was created as a way to create some inspiration and happiness as we begin our week. It can be hard to find the happiness in our day to day, and I believe it truly does help to take a second to find the positive. Please take a second to visit all of my wonderful co-hosts who will be sharing this link party as well!


Recently, my husband and I have realized we both have a case of destination addiction. We are both always reaching for that next goal and assume that happiness will come when we reach that next goal. We always feel that happiness is somewhere else and not where we are now. My gosh, how horrible that sounds when I type it out. But it is 100% real and definitely the reality we were living with. So I have made it my personal goal to stop and think about what I am happy for every morning and evening. Today, I am so happy and thankful for the apartment we are living in. There are so many things I would normally complain about with it, and we have been stuck on this notion that we need a house to be happy. But that is not true. We should be happy that we have such a nice place to live, in a very safe area. I am happy that this morning the three of us took Monster for a walk and got to enjoy the nature surrounding where we live. There are these gigantic cranes that we normally complain about because they tear up the yard, and are extremely loud, but there was a mama bird on her gigantic nest with a bunch of little baby cranes around her. How many places have you lived where something like this is happening in your backyard of all places? It is all in how you look at things. Is the glass half empty, or half full? I really want to strive to always look at our glass as half full from now on. Do any of you have this same issue?

Think Happy Be Happy Link Party


Rules of the Party:

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  • Have fun with your posts! I truly hope it helps with starting your week off on a positive note!

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  • Reply
    March 14, 2016 at 9:40 am

    Oh my goodness, I so so so needed this!!! I think the same way! We have rented the same house for five years now. I hate everything about it. Such the wrong way to think. I have a home. I live in a safe town. I have what I need. It is sometimes so difficult to get passed the annoyances but it can be done!

    • Reply
      March 14, 2016 at 4:10 pm

      Yes exactly! We keep getting excited about owning our first home and then something new comes up and puts us farther away from our goal. It makes me hate where we live now, when I used to LOVE where we live now. Negativity just changes everything and never helps. Have a wonderful week!

  • Reply
    March 14, 2016 at 2:28 pm

    We bought our house 2 years ago this month, but I still miss the little apartment we had before! It was just such a simple place in a great area. Enjoy it!

  • Reply
    March 14, 2016 at 9:01 pm

    I sure know how you feel sometimes! All I want to do is decorate and remodel the house were in, but can’t until someone in our family signs it over to me. Definitely love reminding myself to be thankful for the things we do have, whether big or small.

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