Ikea Hacks for Kid’s Rooms

Ever since my first step into an Ikea store a few years back, I have been hooked. That place has everything you could ever need to decorate and furnish your home, a place for your kids to hang out while you shop, and don’t even get me started on the Swedish meatballs. Delish. The one thing that really made me fall in love with that store, is buying something that is a blank slate. Something that you can paint, stain, hang, and use just about any way that you can imagine. I fell in love with “hacking” Ikea furniture right before Mila was born, and could spend hours a day just walking through Ikea’s aisles and coming up with ways to give their items my own spin on design. Luckily for me, there is also Pinterest, so when I can’t afford to rush to Ikea whenever I have a new idea, I can pin them. And of course, drool over the ideas of other creative minds and their Ikea hacks as well.

My favorite thing to Pin right now is decor inspiration for children’s bedrooms and playrooms. We are in the process of building a new bed for Mila, and I of course, want to redo the entire room. Sorry husband and extra sorry to our wallet. Here are a few of my favorite Ikea hacks that are geared towards kid’s rooms:

This one is actually my own hack for Mila’s bedroom. I painted the top of the table and backs of the chairs with chalkboard paint, dipped the legs, and then added my own padded cushions made with batting and fabric from Ikea. You can see more about this hack here.



I love this idea for small toy storage. Once I start decorating, this will definitely be one of the items on my list. The design is very fun and there are so many color combinations that would be perfect in a child’s room. Not to mention, Mila has SO many little toys that end up everywhere and I have not yet found a solution for them, until this!


This idea to turn a bookshelf into a dollhouse is just brilliant. And being able to use paint and wallpaper just create endless possibilities for how you can make this look.


These two dressers are exactly what I was talking about earlier. They are the perfect blank slate, that is totally affordable, and all you have to do is paint them and add some fun knobs. I love the combination of all the colors on the left picture, and the use of the fun knobs and two tone blue with the wood on the right picture.


We have this stool and it is absolutely perfect for little one’s. I love this idea of adding wallpaper and paint to them. This will definitely be my next Ikea hack as soon as we decide on a color scheme.


I have seen this Ikea toddler bed redone in several ways and still I was just never a fan of this bed….until now. How amazing does this look and they did not even have to paint or wallpaper or anything. Add a canopy over this bed gives it a completely different look and now I just want an adult sized version of this in my own room.

IMG_1184 ef358c7cabdbe6481c176500825c8d79

These kitchen’s are dreamy. I love the use of gold accents on the left, and of course the pine mixed with color is my favorite look right now, seen on the right.


You can’t have an Ikea hacks list without the ultimate Ikea hack. Using these picture ledges as children’s book storage is one of my favorite hacks. They make the books much easier for kids to grab and put back, and I love how they add such a pop of color to white walls.

What are some of your favorite Ikea hacks? If you have any to share, please leave your link in the comments below!10 clever ikea hacks for kid's rooms

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