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Disney World Tips and Tricks

Disney World WTF

Being born and raised in Florida, I am lucky enough to have gone to Disney World more times than I can count on my fingers and toes. We are seeing that same love of Disney with Mila and seeing through the eyes of your children makes it all the more magical. When I was pregnant with her, we went to Disneyland Paris and I love sharing our love of all things Disney with her now. Traveling to Disney in the near future? Here are a few Disney World tips and tricks that we have learned from our time spent at the parks that I hope will help some of you out as well…

Disney World Tips and Tricks

  1. Stock up on snacks, drinks, etc. before you enter the parks at Speedway for regular price.
  2. If you plan on staying for the fireworks shows, which you definitely should, bring your own glow sticks. I promise you your child will want one of the glowing wands/swords sold by the carts all over the park at night time. Save yourself loads of money by bringing your own.
  3. Book your FastPass tickets as far in advance as possible. If you know the dates you are visiting the park,
  4. Bring a backpack. Load it up with sunscreen, a sweater for the evening, a few band-aids, hand sanitizer, reusable water bottles, poncho, and snacks.
  5. Now put all of that into a gallon ziploc bag. It makes it easier to go through the bag check and if it rains, you can throw your phone and camera in there.

    Disney World Tips and Tricks

    Fireworks at Disney World

  6. Worried about rain? Don’t be. It is actually a blessing. The parks clear out during rainy season and in Florida, the rain doesn’t last for more than an hour at a time usually. Bring your poncho and some waterproof shoes and enjoy short lines!
  7. Bring pennies and quarters in case you’d like to do the penny press machines, or the shooting range.
  8. The parks are the busiest mid day, so try to get there early morning or later at night to avoid the long lines and crowds.
  9. If your child is too short to ride a specific attraction, you can ask a cast member for a voucher, that will let your child skip the lines and ride once they are tall enough.
  10. If you are planning on eating at one of the character restaurants, make reservations as far ahead as you can. They are always booked a few weeks early and spots fill up quickly. Cinderella’s Table is booked out 180 days in advanced.

    Disney World Tips and Tricks

    Belle’s Castle at Disney World

  11. Use the My Disney Experience app to check out ride times. No more having to rush to a ride just to see it has a 90 minute wait.
  12. If you are staying at one of the many Disney resorts, you can partake in the events happening at any of the other resorts. There is always something to do!
  13. If you are flying into Florida, check out my post with tips on flying with toddlers/younger children.
  14. Bring an external charger for your phones. Taking photos, using the Disney app,and entertaining your child with games during long lines will drain your batteries quickly.
  15.  Purchase Disney pins online before your trip. You can find them at some places for $1 online, and in store they are $8-$12!
Disney World Tips and Tricks

Rapunzel Tower at Disney World

Have any more Disney World tips or tricks to add? Leave them in the comments below!

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    April 14, 2016 at 10:33 pm

    I never knew they’d give a voucher to a child to come back to a ride when they are tall enough! That’s cute. We have always just asked for rider switch passes so one of us can skip the line!

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